If you guys don’t know by now I have a bit of an addiction to online shopping. On my days off work, I usually spend half the day in bed scrolling through the new arrivals section of my favorite stores. The other day was no different when I came across this gorgeous tie front white crop top by Missguided. I felt like it was a necessity in my wardrobe (which is usually what I tell myself every time I’m doing unnecessary shopping lol). So, of course, I added it to my cart with a few other things, but I didn’t really know how much I loved the top until it came in the mail. OMG, like I fuck with this top lol excuse my language. I feel like the long sleeves keep the conservative aspect of it but the fact that its cropped with the tie front gives it that sprinkle of thotty that we all low key love.

Since I was so obsessed with the crop top I knew I had to find some trousers that I equally loved. It’s like the universe heard my request because the next day Scotch and Soda got a shipment of new items and this beauty was in the box. The embroidered chinoiserie wide leg trouser. Side note, the word “Chinoiserie” derives from the french word Chinois which means chinse. It’s the imitation of Chinese motifs and western art. Just wanted to drop some jewels straight from Wikipedia, but its facts I promise lol. Anyway, hands down the best and my favorite pants I have ever owned! They are gorgeous from the floral embroidery to the slit at the ankles, they were perfectly designed and executed.

Since the trousers are long I simply paired them with my tan mules from Missguided, which I bought when I got the white top. They were perfect for the outfit, the chunky heel makes them super comfy. The necklace I have on was borrowed from my bestie, I have no idea where she bought it from but it goes really well with the top and the bracelets are from H&M. Last but not least this amazing pink fur clutch that I believe was made for me is from an upcoming boutique PrettyMuchOfficial. Go check out their Instagram, they’re all about women empowerment and being risky. I love it!

I’m probably gonna wear this outfit again, don’t tell anyone lol. I hope you guys liked it, Oh and Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017


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