I’m currently in love with the iron on patch trend! I’m not even gonna to front, I am not a “DIY” type of girl. I much rather buy it the way I want it versus experimenting. But something came over me and I took on the challenge of making this special piece lol. So I purchased the denim jacket from Scotch and Soda (For $15 btw because I won a contest. A steal I know!) I then went on a wild goose chance looking for cutesy, quirky patches that match my personality and interest. You guys will learn very soon like I LOVE anything girly lol. Anyway, I looked up tags on Insta for companies that make patches, I went on Ebay, and finally Amazon!

Amazon literally has any type of patch and pin you could possibly think of, and no this is not an ad even though they should pay me the way I’m promoting this shit lol. But I don’t care, they came in,in the clutch! Okay, so I ordered two separate assortments not knowing you get a random set of patches. I was a little nervous that I would get some weird patches that I couldn’t use but they were absolutely perfect!

I wanted the jacket to be finished in time for me to take it to the AfroPunk festival in NewYork and it was! I stayed up super late ironing each patch on but shout out to my friend (LUKE BEACH) for reinforcing them for me and sewing them down. The jacket along with my patchwork Zara chain bag was the main focus of my ensemble for one of the days of my eventful weekend in NewYork.


I don’t know how long the patchwork trend is going to go on for but… I’m about to wear the shit out of this jacket, I’m just giving you guys a heads up lol. I love it too much and worked too hard on it to just hang it in the back of the closet. Soooo, fingers crossed that everyone still loves patches in the fall. Cheers to wishful thinking!Lol



September 2, 2016

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