As a blogger part of my job is to stay up on trends, and recently one that I’m really feeling is silk. Most people who could give a shit about what’s hot and what’s not would look at me crazy and think “why is she wearing her pajamas outside?!” Welllll first off they’re not my PJs I actually sleep naked lol and secondly this silk shit is sexy AF! Idk I’m really into it, if I could I would wear silk every day. Something about it just makes me feel spicy and super cute like a bedroom bombshell. IDK you guys know I’m extra lol.


But anyway after looking at every online store possible for a pink silk slip dress (because of course it had to be pink) I found the perfect one on ASOS. I purchased it back in August, but it is still available and even cheaper, go figure. I wore it on my trip to New York and haven’t worn it since until I was invited to a pajama themed brunch in Atlanta, GA. I was like well since everyone thinks they’re PJs I guess it will work and no one in Atlanta saw me wear it sooo it’s like a brand new outfit lol Sidenote: Does anyone else think of their outfits like that? If no one saw it, it doesn’t count lol. Tell me in the comments below if I’m the only one or not. Back to the brunch outfit, I felt like the slip dress was not enough. It wasn’t giving me the complete Pajama look I wanted so I bought this bomb ass blush kimono from Missguidedus. The embroidery detailing on the back is sick! Definitely love at first sight for me, I’m all about the details. It is officially my favorite piece in my closet. I’m really considering getting one in every color honesty, truly (Joanne the scammer’s voice). I paired the two silk pieces with a nude single strap lace up heel that you can get from Steve Madden and my throw back H&M nude purse. I received so many compliments and of course, was the most over dressed person at brunch which is always the goal 😉

Altogether, this has been one of my favorite outfits to shoot in because it made me feel sexy and not to mention my hair actually behaved for once so yea, it all worked out! And special thanks to my bestie Le’Chae (@lechae.d on insta) who is usually behind the camera and responsible for these cute pics. Hope you dolls like it and don’t forget to leave some comments, I wanna talk to you guys!


November 4, 2016


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