I have always liked the idea of concept shoots but I don’t get to do them as often as I would like. When Glxtch, one of my favorite photographers asked to shoot me for a dope concept he had, I jumped at the opportunity. He first approached me with the idea of doing something with neutral and warm tones, because of my skin tone and the army theme just came about. We found a random field of sand and dirt behind a Walmart lol. Yes, a Walmart! Usually, people in Miami use this area for riding dirt bikes and ATV’s but it was the perfect location for what we were going for. The time of day we shot was when the sun was going down which I came to find out is one of my favorite times to shoot.

I styled myself in the best army girl look I could throw together and it worked. Glxtch found the vintage army hat seen in the photos and had me put on some shades in he had in his car. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite concept shoots, I even use one of the photos as my screensaver on my phone! I’m looking forward to my next concept shoot and shoot with Glxtch in general.

July 23, 2016


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