In my opinion, a watch is just as essential to an outfit as the shoes that bring it all together. A nice timepiece shows that you value your time and it is not to be wasted. I feel like JORD Wood Watches convey that message with their pieces. JORD is a watch company that specializes in hand-crafted wood timepieces. The materials used are all natural and hand-crafted. They’re unique because they customize each watch to your liking as far as engraving and sizing.

I am someone who is big on presentation. So you know the first thing I peeped about Jord Wood Watches was their packaging. It was done so perfectly, I could totally tell they thought it out down to the very last detail. It came in a medium size matte black box, and inside of that box was another box that was wooden. Engraved on the wooden box was a J (which stood for Jord). It had some weight to it so I could tell it was real wood. It contained a canvas material cushion, with Jord stitched in it, my custom fitted watch, their business card, and a cloth to clean my watch.

Of course, I put my watch on right away because I was curious to see if it would fit. In the past, with previous watches from other companies, I would have to get links taken out for it to sit on my wrist correctly but with Jord, it fit to perfection! It was super comfortable and the neutral tone of the wood matches with everything. In addition to me being in love with my custom fitted watch, the service was exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had was quickly answered by John, so shout out to him for bein so helpful! I definitely recommend this watch guys, it makes for the perfect gift and the style options are endless. Go check them out at and tell them Lana Dolly sent you!


March 20, 2017

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