This Valentine’s Day instead of writing a long cliché post about the same old basic V-Day activities people do, I decided to do a “Love is” campaign with some of my friends.

I was interested to see what Love is and means to them each individually. It’s so cool to see how everyone’s face expressions changed as they explained their definition of the infamous word.

To some of us Love is a super serious thing and to others it’s such a magical fairytale feeling. However, somehow with all of our different descriptions of the word Love, our feelings of happiness were the same.

If you’re a frequent reader or just a friend of mine you already know I have to do a little Vday inspired shoot lol. So I hope you guys enjoys my IPhone photoshoot and don’t forget to click the “Love Is” video to watch how dope love really is!


Wishing you a love-filled year!

Love you guys(Pun intended)❤

Watch the video below!

February 14, 2018


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