As we move into the Fall season I wanted to start off with something minimalistic but still in the fall color palette. No matter what year it is, in the Autumn season I always tend to wear nudes, greens, and burgundy. So for this outfit I stuck with that concept but just replaced the burgundy with black.


My open knit coffee colored sweater was a throwback I got from Forever21 a couple of years ago. I actually forgot I even had it. It’s definitely a “oldie but goodie”! I had to spice it up a bit with a black rope belt that I had from one of my dresses, because without the belt it was just blah. And no one likes “just blah” outfits lol.

I knew I didn’t want to wear denim with this look so I threw on these army green cropped leggings from forever21 as well. They went super cute with the sweater and were only $3.90!

I felt that a black bootie with a heel would really do this fit justice and kinda give it that “yeezy season” feel that everyone is obsessed with right now. So I wore my Steve Madden boots that I’m a little in love with.

Accessories weren’t a major factor for me with this outfit but I did wear my black mini backpack from forever21 that I wore in a previous post. I did say it would be transitioning into the fall season with me, so get used to seeing it lol.

A lot of the items were from Forever21, but I swear this isn’t an ad post and they didn’t sponsor me, even though they should lol. Hope you guys enjoy the post and pics I stood in the hot sun in that sweater to get some good pics (inserts side eye emoji lol).


October 2, 2016

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