Glxtchverse is the perfect name for this artist and visually creative individual. Coming from someone that knows him personally, Glxtch is usually in his own world thinking of new ways to invite us outsiders in. I had the pleasure of sitting down with this kid and picking his brain.

Me: What kickstarted your creativity?
Glxtch: “God blessed me with a level of logic that transpires in how I see not the world but how I see the universe. Inspiration is all around us , we were made in the image of the greatest CREATOR of all ALL TIME , GOD” It’s in my code, I have no choice but to create things that can’t be explained but can be felt”.

Me: What gives you the desire to do photography?
Glxtch: “I don’t have a desire to take pictures. Actually, I’m not even a photographer or a videographer, fashion designer, musician, or any of these other labels they try to place on us! I’m an Outkast, mutant, alien, a CREATIVE! I see something in everything, I receive it and manifest it. I don’t take pics, fuck that! I capture visions and I share it with the world, whether it’s a digital photo, clothing, architecture, design, visuals whatever it is I WILL CAPTURE IT FOR YOU TO SEE. So I’m a visual designer!”

Me: When you need inspiration what do you do?
Glxtch: “Music…Music…MUSIC. It is a gift from the heavens. It’s more powerful than we actually realize. Music can make you destroy, build, hurt or heal you, but most importantly it makes you FEEL”.

Me: What are your favorite type of shoots to do?
Glxtch: “Conceptual shit, fun shit, I hate glamour shoots! Don’t contact me for those, unless you want to get charged double!”

Me: What do you feel like the world is missing as far as creativity?
Glxtch: “The bigger picture! We are collectively one big ass puzzle and most of these creatives want to be the same puzzle pieces. Now how in the hell are we suppose to complete our purpose and complete the puzzle with more than half of the pieces are identical?!! Fucking originality is what makes you a legend, bring that back.”

Me: Who are your top five favorite artist dead or alive? you know I had to ask.
Glxtch: “Only five, impossible haha! Artist who gets heavy rotation right now from me is PAC, Kendrick , Childish Gambino, Bas, Curren$y, Drake, Cole, Ye , and ATCQ”.

August 5, 2016

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