For a while, I have seen pictures and videos on snap chat of the Kith store in Manhattan at Bleecker street and it made me anxious to visit. My friends and I made it a priority to stop by this masterpiece of a store while we were in NewYork. I must say whoever was the brains behind the design of the store, whether it was Ronnie Fieg or a team of designers, this store was the shit! I have never been so impressed with an interior design in my life.

So when you first walk in it’s an open floor plan where there are shelves of sneakers, which is normal for any shoe store. But a little further in, there is literally a cereal bar. Yes, a FREAKING CEREAL BAR! Like you can actually eat a special bowl of cereal in the store. That alone won me over lol. Not only because I absolutely love cereal but the fact that someone was cool enough to suggest a cereal bar in a sneaker store was just super dope to me. They called it Kith treats and gave the cereal combinations specialty sneaker names. Not to mention, the branding, even more dopeness. They had the cups labeled Kith as well as the “Build your own” menus.



Once I got done obsessing over the cereal bar I continued walking in and entered an all white room. I’m going to try to give you guys the best visual possible since the security was hounding me about taking pictures lol. Okay, so this room had mirrors and glass domes displaying clothes, kinda like mannequins. The floor was black wood and everything else was crisp white. That was cool but what tripped me out was the wall of Kith pencils. It was so unique, I had to sneak a picture of it! The pencils were all perfectly lined up and it covered an entire wall from the ceiling to the floor. After getting caught lol, I went to the next room of the store. It was a hallway and hanging from the ceiling were white air forces ones. It was such a creative idea and visually appealing.



The rest of the store went on to be just as amazing, they even had a little outdoor patio area. The whole concept was genius. If I had my own store I would want it to be as dope as this Kith store. If you guys are ever in Manhattan go check it out, you will see I’m not exaggerating about its awesomeness.


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September 5, 2016

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